Wicked Problem, or Wicked People?

By Sean Crawley


The current suite of problems facing humanity will never be solved while the lunatics are in charge of the asylum.

Explanation of terms:

current suite of problems: climate change, war, terrorism, economic collapse, resource depletion, species extinction, pollution, food shortage, add your own favourite problem here …..

never be solved: civilisation is impossible, humans are a flawed experiment of evolution, all politicians are the same, it’s always been like this, the problem is wicked and can’t be solved, add your own favourite brand of pessimism here …..

the lunatics: psychopaths, sociopaths, cluster b personality disorder, control freaks, bedlamites, high-conflict people, neo-conservatives, high priests, prime ministers, presidents, captain of industry, pop divas, add your own favourite flavour of nut case here …..

in charge: lying, cheating, stealing, punishing, manipulating, denying, blaming, ignoring, fear mongering, claiming superiority, out competing, add your own favourite form of abuse here …..

the asylum: the family home, school, the workplace, the sporting field, government, nations, the internet, the media, add you own favourite mad house here …..

Further analysis:

The many problems we face, as a species trying not to become extinct, are numerous and seemingly insoluble. The smorgasbord of ideologies, save the world groups, and charities vying for our headspace and dollars can drive one to despair. Saving the whales is valid but pointless when the oceans will soon cook them. Taking in refugees is the right thing to do and makes us feel human, but while wars rage unabated the tide of human migration will never cease.

We get so confused about what is the most important thing we should be doing that many of us give up hope entirely. In the end we throw up our arms and retreat, back to making our own individual existence as painless as possible.

But even if you haven’t given up yet, and have chosen a cause you are passionate about, or joined that group you think will make a difference, have you ever been along to one of their meetings and observed the mayhem – the ignorance, fear, and the battle of egos? It’s utterly disheartening, totally frustrating. It’s one thing for the bosses and the courtesans of major money-making corporations to be lunatics. But when the small not-for-profit well-intentioned organisations are being run by people with serious personality disorders, it’s no wonder so many of us stay at home with the air-conditioning on and sit on plastic sofas watching food shows with our pet chihuahuas.

Some individuals and groups are trying to find out what the root cause of all our problems are. It’s a good idea, it’s logical, scientific, clinical, rational, to find out the root cause and develop ways to combat it rather than be running around putting band-aids on symptoms. The problem with this is that the root cause of all our problems is there is just too many of us. And that issue – dare I say it, the issue of over-population – is taboo. I repeat: TABOO.

The lunatics, the ones in charge, have so convincingly lied to us that each and every person can own the world, or at least a lot more than a fair share of it. We are told ad nauseum that if we only dream big enough and work hard enough, the world is ours. The underlying reality of this lie is that the continual growth of the human population is required. If we all want to be number one, we need more and more people to prop up economic growth, job growth, growth in technology, growth in living standards, growth in personal wealth, and growth in health, happiness and wellbeing.

GROWTH – such a positive word!! The ultimate mantra to extinction.

This delusional way to operate on a finite planet has only one end point. Deep down we all know that.


Find a political party or nation or world leader or celebrity or environmentalist talking about curbing population growth?

Ok, you may quote China, Dick Smith, David Attenborough and Jane Goodall. The lunatics in charge of the world have branded that country, that businessman and those do-gooder environmentalists as lunatics. That’s called projection. China may have caused some social problems with its one child policy, and it can be criticised for many other issues, but what would be the problems for China, and for the rest of the world, if it hadn’t curbed its population growth to some extent? Dick Smith may be shot out the sky – in his helicopter – for many reasons, but is he wrong about population? Why are we so apt to play the man and not the ball? And David Attenborough and Jane Goodall once enjoyed unconditional, universal admiration – that was until they opened their mouths about human population. Now they are seen by many as delusional eccentrics.

The lunatics in charge of the asylum will not allow the base of their pyramid to be eroded – they know that is the foundation of their power. They need to keep us hoodwinked and with our noses to the grindstone. Anyone on the bottom, or from the middle, who dares question the status quo – or worse, who point out the emperor’s new clothes – need to be silenced and ridiculed.

Easier challenge?

Find a political party or nation or world leader or celebrity or environmentalist talking out against economic growth?


Final words

Lunatics are notoriously charming, brilliant liars, lack empathy and they have dedicated fans and enablers. Beware. For whatever reasons our society, and perhaps all of human civilisation to date, has allowed, or by design nurtured the lunatics to be successful in gaining positions of power and wealth. Consequently, and it should be of no surprise, they then wreck the joint.

While we are blind to them, or worse still, when we do see them for who they are yet are too afraid to call them out and stand up to them, the destruction and decline goes on unabated.

Some good news: the lunatics are relatively small in number, they are cowards, and they can be dealt with without resorting to murder. It is not easy, they will pull out every devious trick in the book to preserve their positions of power and authority, and they will enlist their hoards of supporters and sycophants to go into battle for them. But when people do speak the truth, and refuse to bow down to the plain injustice of the lunatics being in charge, the world changes.


  • We in the Sustainable Australia Party are trying our best to speak out about population growth and redefining growth http://www.votesustainable.org.au/policies


  • Perhaps the human population per se is not the problem? Could the real culprit be the rising proportion of humanity that forms the consumer-capitalism class? Simply calling out total human population as the elephant in the room is a means of avoiding the truth about the destructive nature of consumerism that underpins capitalism.


  • Fair point, Phil. There are many problems with human existence on this planet. And a smaller number of us all living as insatiable consumers is not the answer. But, I am firmly of the opinion that 7.4 billion humans is too many regardless of our means of existence, and that is often a taboo position to take.


  • Perhaps it’s far more simple than economic or population issues.
    Human intelligence (& maybe intelligence within species the universe over) enables total dominance over ‘lesser’ species, fellow humans & the planet itself. This will inevitably be exploited by those among us who are more determined, more ruthless, have less concern or empathy for others, and will always go one step further than those who would confront or oppose them.
    So inevitably these people will dominate & rule and will set the parameters within our societies. The vast majority of humans will accept this for a quiet life, or because the crumbs that fall will keep them content, or simply because they could never bring themselves to go to the lengths that would be necessary to topple the sociopaths & psychopaths at the helm.
    Depressingly I think it’s likely to always be this way until the destruction of our societies (as has happened throughout history) & eventually our planet (as technology now allows).


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