Issue 1

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Welcome to the first issue of SHIFT magazine!

SHIFT magazine is a volunteer-run non-profit magazine whose focus is on examining our global emergency, and strategies for adapting to the future in store for us as the world rapidly changes.

Speaking honestly and compassionately about the converging crises of ecological and economic collapse and peak resources, we aim to deliver not just food for thought, but inspiration to practical action. What we need is a shift: a shift in attitude, action, and the trajectory our civilization is on, and SHIFT magazine pulls no punches

Each issue of SHIFT presents global issues from a whole-systems perspective, delivering fresh material from cutting-edge thinkers and doers who practice what they preach in the real world. Great minds and hearts of the sustainability movement have selflessly donated their time and efforts to provide captivating content and share their wisdom with a global community of humans hungry for change.

Each issue of SHIFT presents its own theme relevant to our paradigm-shifting emergency, and this first issue casts the spotlight on powering down our way of life as a means of becoming more sustainable in the face of ecological and economic hardship and resource scarcity.

We hope that you will find SHIFT an inspiring and empowering read, and that you will find information worth sharing. Take care, and have a good read!

Peace, love and biodynamic beansprouts

The Sustainability Showcase team