Issue 6


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Welcome to the sixth issue of SHIFT magazine!

In our increasingly globalized system of crony capitalism the natural world is processed ever more efficiently into resources for profit. While the resulting wealth spirals to the top of the economic pyramid, the consequences trickle down.

In this issue of SHIFT we peer beneath the surface of the modern life we take for granted, taking aim at globalization, disconnection, and the fetishization of economic growth. Our competitive, compliant, consumerist culture is not likely coming with us into the future, according to the cultural creatives pushing the envelope on change.

From Atamai Eco-village in New Zealand, Rafaele Joudry reports on a community that is putting localization, downshifting, and participatory governance into practice; Geoff Mosley, Australian director of CASSE, sketches a vision for a steady-state economy of the future; and author Carolyn Baker reveals a sneak-preview of her upcoming book: Love in the Age of Ecological Apocalypse, examining the art of cultivating resilient communities. We also report on the G20 Summit in Brisbane, Australia, lending voice to views absent from the mainstream media.

SHIFT is brought to you each second month by a community of cultural creatives inspired by the opportunities that crisis brings. Darting (and dodging) between schedules, meetings, and the mundane errands of everyday life, our all-volunteer team has seized every available moment, pulling strings on a shoestring budget, to investigate, interview, vision, scribble, edit, design, and print (on recycled paper, of course) this sixth issue of ad-free insight, critique, and inspiration to practical action.

Gossip-free and devoid of commercial clutter, SHIFT provides a platform for a movement that is uncompromised by revenues and remits, cutting straight to the chase on subjects of social significance. SHIFT is made possible by supporters who care about shifting the discourse and being the change we wish to see. Thank you for taking part in the much-needed shift in public discourse, and for making time for the conversations that matter.

We hope that you will find SHIFT an inspiring and empowering read, and that you will find information worth sharing. Take care, and have a good read!

Love and solidarity,

The SHIFT team