Issue 5

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Welcome to the fifth issue of SHIFT magazine!

With the level of coverage accorded “the greatest moral, economic, and social challenge of our time” (thank you, Kevin Rudd, for the lip service) you could be forgiven for thinking that climate change is the only major threat to the continuation of our species’ existence on this pale blue dot we call home. Alas, there are plenty more ecological concerns for us to juggle, and taking our eye of any of these balls would render our act less than impressive.

In this issue of SHIFT we examine our pale blue dot’s predicament with the help of the Planetary Boundaries Framework. Without detracting from the urgency of the climate crisis, this issue boldly tables the other 8 planetary boundaries in the hope of kick-starting a conversation that goes beyond what is merely convenient to consider.

Voices from various backgrounds and disciplines rise above the cacophony of mainstream misdirection to bring you a healthy dose of food for thought in this issue of SHIFT. From the academic realm, Guy McPherson delivers a swathe of inconvenient truths about climate feedback loops; from the activist realm, Sarah Moles draws attention to the most basic of human needs: water security; and from the grassroots realm, Sean Crawley challenges us to catch the hottest of political potatoes: the population puzzle. Taboos and issues of all stripes and sensibilities get a thorough workout over the pages to come!

With the time a-ticking on our ecological clock, SHIFT is propelled into print every second month by the passions of an all-volunteer team. Traversing the time-zones of Spaceship Earth and the treadmill of the 40-hour week, our team has pulled strings on a shoestring budget, investigating, interviewing, visioning, scribbling, editing, designing, and printing (on recycled paper, of course – no cutting corners on cost!) this fifth issue of ad-free insight, critique, and inspiration to practical action.

Gossip-free and devoid of commercial clutter, SHIFT provides a platform for a movement that is uncompromised by revenues and remits, cutting straight to the chase on subjects of social significance. SHIFT is made possible by supporters who care about shifting the discourse and being the change we wish to see. Thank you for taking part in the much-needed shift in public discourse, and for making time for the conversations that matter.

We hope that you will find SHIFT an inspiring and empowering read, and that you will find information worth sharing. Take care, and have a good read!

Love and solidarity,

The SHIFT team