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Day in the Life of a Downshifter – Issue 10

Over the last fifteen years, I have relocated from Sydney to a regional centre, have stopped wearing uncomfortable suits, have stopped using a car, have moved from a house to a multi-residence, decreased my income by about 60% and changed my hairstyle from slick to clipper-cut. I have increased my ability to change the society we live in, increased my ability to do what I believe is right and increased my satisfaction in life.

I now see just how much I have to be grateful for.

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Day in the life of a downshifter – Issue 7

Try not to worry about what other people are doing, or what they think about what you’re doing. Our capitalist consumer culture does a great job of training citizens to self-govern, so a critical skill for the downshifter is being able to tune out the naysayers who will try to tell you you’re crazy for leaving your high-paying career or eschew consumerism to pursue an alternative lifestyle.

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