All about the SHIFT

SHIFT is everything the name suggests – from paradigm shift, through downshifting, to just shifting your bum off the couch – it’s all about the shift.

The Story of SHIFT

SHIFT magazine started out as an international magazine aimed at change-makers from various sectors all around the world. A bi-monthly publication, SHIFT was launched in January 2014, and was available online as well as in print.

The magazine was initially produced by Sustainability Showcase, an Australia-based registered charity with volunteers and affiliates around the globe.

The goal of SHIFT is to shift the public and political discourse to those issues that impact society most strongly: economic and ecological sustainability and equitable access to the resources necessary for survival. SHIFT also aims to help society prepare for the converging crises of ecological and economic decline, and post-peak resources.

The SHIFT team is a coalition of volunteers who share a passion for free and honest public discourse, and the need for media that addresses society’s issues of greatest concern. Disappointed by the misdirected attention of the mainstream media, and much of the alternative media, the team decided to embark on a mission to sow some seeds for a more honest, engaging and empowering discourse.

As global changemakers, it’s about time we stopped complaining about the meagre offerings of the mainstream media, and reclaimed the public discourse for ourselves. SHIFT encourages readers to submit their own contributions and participate actively in determining a new cultural discourse.

SHIFT is produced by an all-volunteer team, and all contributors to SHIFT do so on a voluntary basis. SHIFT is, and always has been, resolutely non-commercial, so contains no advertising – only the stuff our readers want to read.

Where is SHIFT taking us?

Speaking honestly and compassionately about the converging crises of ecological and economic collapse and peak resources, SHIFT delivers not just food for thought, but inspiration to practical action.

This no-holds-barred magazine minces no words in portraying our planetary predicament for what it is, and engages some of the sharpest minds and open hearts of the sustainability and resilience movement in communicating the stories we need to hear. From growthbusting Dave Gardner, to arch-collapsik Guy McPherson, to psychological resilience educator Carolyn Baker, SHIFT covers all areas of a culture in decline.

SHIFT aims to inspire practical action among readers – action to preserve our vital ecosystems, action to build community resilience, and action to power down our way of life for a pathway to sustainability. On this journey we are in good company – even more so if you join us!

If you want to get in touch with the SHIFTy mob, please drop us a line at

If you are interested in submitting content for publication in SHIFT, please check out our contributors’ guidelines first.



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