Issue 4

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Welcome to the fourth issue of SHIFT magazine!

If you’re reading SHIFT, chances are you’re up to speed with what’s wrong in the world and are doing your bit to make a difference. As an outside-the-box thinker you raise your eyebrows at the dominant global culture, you are prepared to ask hard questions, and you are open to pushing the boundaries.

In this issue of SHIFT we plumb the depths of our dominant global culture, examining it from various angles and exploring the worldviews and stories that underpin it. Some of the most prominent myths and narratives of our culture are unpacked while alternatives are entertained and practical applications are sketched out. Warning: calls to action and tips on culture-jamming may disarm the inner armchair critic – we’re on a journey beyond the comfort zone!

Voices from various backgrounds and disciplines feature in this issue, from growth-skeptic film-maker Dave Gardner, to grassroots food sovereignty activists the Open Food Network, to the world’s most quoted social critic, Noam Chomsky.

SHIFT is a labour of love for the all-volunteer team of grassroots guerilla culture jammers that people-powers its way into print every second month. Traversing time-zones and the treadmill, our team has pulled strings on a shoestring budget, investigating, interviewing, visioning, scribbling, editing, designing, and printing this fourth issue of ad-free insight, critique, and inspiration to practical action.

Gossip-free and devoid of commercial clutter, SHIFT is not compromised by advertising dollars, which means we can provide a platform for diverse voices absent from the mainstream media, and focus our attention on the issues that matter. SHIFT is made possible by supporters who care about shifting the discourse and being the change we wish to see. Thank you for taking part in the much-needed shift in public discourse, and for making time for the conversations that matter.

We hope that you will find SHIFT an inspiring and empowering read, and that you will find information worth sharing. Take care, and have a good read!

Love and solidarity,

The SHIFT team