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Sorting Fact from Fiction: What is Science Anyway?

Every now and then, though, new information comes to light that challenges the very bedrock of our understandings about how the world works, and it’s the job of science to unravel the mysteries and help us make sense of them. It truly is a never-ending process of discovery!

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The Economics of Human Need

What is the economy for if not meeting human needs? Human needs are the basis of every economic activity we undertake. In order to reflect upon whether our economic system is effectively meeting our needs, we need to first of all understand what our needs are, their relative level of importance, and how to satisfy those needs.

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Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement: a threat to democracy, society and the environment

Under the guise of a proposed international trade deal called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement, foreign corporations could soon threaten the right of national governments to make their own laws. Australia is a member of the 12 country TPP negotiating group where national sovereignty over issues like working conditions, food labelling, healthcare and environmental protection could be exchanged for the promise of better access to overseas markets.

TPP negotiations are being held in secret, but leaked documents have revealed some of the alarming ambitions of the corporations.

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Planetary Boundaries: A Framework for Staying Cool, Calm and Connected

If life on earth was a nine hole game of golf, humans have hit three balls out of bounds, we just got out of the bunker on the fourth, are facing major hazards up ahead on the next three and we have two holes that we are currently playing blindfolded.

We will need to have a much better understanding of the field of play and the rules that apply, and play as best and fairly as we can. Cheating will not be tolerated by that ultimate umpire we call Nature.

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