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Nuclear Armageddon

Nuclear Armageddon is here. We’ve bought a lie about the alleged safety of nuclear energy. The lie was promoted on the basis of another lie, one we should’ve recognized immediately under the auspices of, “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” The latter lie is the promise of electricity too-cheap-to-meter.

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Transitioning the suburbs to a low carbon future

It is entirely feasible for the suburbs – where most of us live – to adapt to a low carbon future. Technology is already available to implement a powerdown strategy, involving home retrofitting, local food production and low carbon transport. Permaculture design principles provide a proven template for adapting the suburbs to support a local sharing economy.

These tools are ready. We need to create a catalyst for widespread community action.

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The Critically Endangered Species File: Orange-bellied Parrot

This issue we step down the anthropocentric ladder one full rung to the vertebrate class of Aves. Yes the Orange-bellied Parrot isn’t even a mammal! Our disdain for other life-forms seems to increase the further removed the species is from Homo sapiens on the evolutionary tree or classification table. However, any student of nature will appreciate that the web of life is interdependent on every last cell of biodiversity, and that any notion of hierarchy is human-created nonsense.

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The Critically Endangered Species File: Leatherback Turtle

Though comprehensive data is sadly lacking, all evidence available demonstrates this species is in dramatic decline. Some data quote global populations in 35,800 adult females in 2004, a massive decline from the 1982 figure of 115,000. In the Pacific, where numbers have declined the most, estimates are that there has been an 80 – 95% decline in numbers over the last 20 years.

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The Critically Endangered Species File:  Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat

It’s hard to miss the irony that the Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat’s demise and possible salvation have been largely shaped by the agricultural and mining industries. The current tussle between these two, to win the hearts of the public as caring, sharing and environmentally conscious, and their tenacious claims to the natural resources that drive their relentless pursuit of the bottom line, may in the end be a side show to the climatic change that could easily wipe yet another mammal off the face of the Australian Continent.

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