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Dissolving Fascism with Humanity: A reflection on a new way of living seventy years after the fall of Nazi Germany

For the sake of rebuilding civil society after the devastation of war, many German citizens have had to suppress the horror. But a significant number of activists have been so deeply shaken they have kept the knowledge of the horror alive – sacredly vowing to ensure that there would be ‘never again fascism; never again war’.

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Spirituality for Atheists

A Spiritual Experience may hit us when: we look up at a night sky full of stars; or when we feel a deep emotional response to a piece of music; or when we experience the joy of love and connection with another human being. These are all real and deeply personal. Even simply contemplating the mystery of consciousness can be a moving and profound human experience – no assistance from the drug industry required! No need either for the conjuring of complex supernatural entities or phenomena.

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