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Renovating Culture: Rise of the New Domesticity

When my mother and grandmother were my age, they knew how to cook, clean, sew and garden, while I grew up on Disney cartoons and microwaved pizza, beheading barbie dolls and pressing complex buttons on a machine. Despite the yuppie conditioning imposed upon gen-Xers and Millennials to equate self-actualisation with technocentric careerism and “having it all”, the pull of re-skilling in the domestic arts has never been more alluring.

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Transitioning the suburbs to a low carbon future

It is entirely feasible for the suburbs – where most of us live – to adapt to a low carbon future. Technology is already available to implement a powerdown strategy, involving home retrofitting, local food production and low carbon transport. Permaculture design principles provide a proven template for adapting the suburbs to support a local sharing economy.

These tools are ready. We need to create a catalyst for widespread community action.

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Where Collapse Meets Radical Politics

Getting most people to the point of wanting the paradigm shift that transition toward a resilient and just society represents, is a massive and daunting task. Yet the way to go about it seems relatively straightforward and generally agreed upon by transitioners. It involves raising awareness about the inevitability of collapse, the ways the current system disadvantages people, and the ways a simpler system would benefit people, while at the same time building alternatives that both demonstrate what’s possible, become the basis for our future society, and reach out to help those in need. At the same time, the increasing severity of collapse means that the current system becomes less and less viable, and the alternatives more and more useful to the mainstream of society.

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Changing the Culture of Food: The Open Food Network

One of the Open Food Network’s core values is to be open-source and entirely not-for-profit. This allows communities all over the world to access the Open Food Network software, adjust it for their needs, and use it to aid their own efforts, whether they be in inner London or rural India. While the open-source and not-for-profit character of the Open Food Network is great news for farmers and communities globally, unsurprisingly it doesn’t make the project particularly appealing to venture capitalists!

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