Letter from the SHIFT team #10

Dear reader,

Welcome to the Science issue! If science wasn’t your strong point at school, our task for this issue is to bring it down to earth with a satisfying thud. We’ll be sorting fact from fiction, debunking some popular myths, and setting a few things straight.

Issue 10 of SHIFT gets a handle on what we can learn from the scientific method of inquiry, its strengths and limitations, and how it can be either used to facilitate a transition to a sustainable and just future, or abused for the profit-motivated maintenance of the status quo.

In this issue of SHIFT the Simplicity Institute’s Samuel Alexander explains the concept of frugal abundance in an age of limits; Less Meat Less Heat founder Mark Pershin guides us through why and how dietary changes are to play an integral role in the fight against climate change; no-holds-barred climate realist Guy McPherson explains the cognitive dissonance that is forming a rift between climate science and public policy; and SHIFT editor Kari McGregor explores the psychological impacts of our culture’s detachment from the natural world.

SHIFT is the labour of love of a team of cultural creatives passionate about sustainability. Innovating around the constraints of a shoestring budget, our all-volunteer team seizes upon every available moment to investigate, interview, analyse, vision, scribble, edit, and design our way to a shift in the direction of public discourse. This tenth issue of ad-free insight, analysis, and inspiration to practical action is our latest contribution to the conversation.

Gossip-free and devoid of commercial clutter, SHIFT provides a platform for a movement that is uncompromised by revenues and remits, cutting straight to the chase on subjects of social significance. SHIFT is made possible by generous supporters who help us push the envelope on change and make space for the conversations that matter. Thank you for taking part in the much-needed shift.

Without further ado, hang up your tinfoil hat, pop your feet up, and settle in to enjoy the fruits of our labour of love…

In solidarity,

The SHIFT team

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