World News Digest – Issue 4

With the fast pace of today’s news cycle it can be hard to know what to pay attention to, and information overload is often the inevitable result. Listed under the categories of Economy, Energy, Environment and Geopolitics, our selected news highlights bypass celebrity gossip and partisan politics, cutting through the crap to shine the spotlight on the world affairs that affect us most strongly.

The SHIFT team has trawled through hundreds of news sources and stories, turning up our bullshit filter to maximum volume, to bring you June and July’s global affairs highlights…


BRICS: Emerging Markets Present Challenge to World Bank & IMF

The 6th BRICS summit held in Brazil in July kicked off plans for a new Development Bank to challenge the US-dominated World Bank and IMF. BRICS nations also declared plans for a crisis contingency fund to provide a financial safety net, and an Energy Association for the purpose of ensuring energy security for member nations.

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Net Energy Analysis for Long-Term Planning

Net energy analysis provides a means of comparing the amount of energy a technology produces over its lifetime with the amount of energy required to build and maintain it. This technique enables policy-makers to gauge the sustainability of various energy technologies over time, research shows.

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Hammering Hamas: It’s all About Gas

Israel’s defence minister has confirmed that military plans to ‘uproot’ Hamas are about dominating Gaza’s gas reserves. The assault on Gaza known as ‘Operation Protective Edge’ is expected to be a protracted one.

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World’s Oceans on Brink of Collapse

The Global Ocean Commission has put forward a report on the declining health of the planet’s high seas. Their report sets out five main problems, from dramatic over-fishing to rising pollution, and a set of recommendations for reversing the decline.

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Deadly Heat en-route for US

Report predicts extreme heat around the corner for US states, with an average of 96 days’ extreme heat forecast each year by century’s end. Temperatures are expected to rise to extremes that render outdoor activity a life-threatening venture.

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MH17 Shot Down over War-Torn Ukraine

Thursday 17th July 2014 bore witness to an immense tragedy as civilian carrier Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was apparently shot down over eastern Ukraine by missile fire. Accusing fingers are already pointing at Russia, but as the pieces of the puzzle gradually come together little is certain at this point.

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Israeli Ground Troops Enter Gaza

The latest chapter of the Israel-Palestine conflict sees Israeli troops entering Gaza in what is expected to be a protracted ground assault with the pretext of ‘rooting out’ Hamas. All casualties at the time of writing have been on the Palestinian side, the majority being civilians.

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Disclaimer: SHIFT magazine does not take responsibility for the content of any of the articles linked to in our World News Digest. Selection for the Digest does not imply endorsement of any of the positions expressed in any given article.

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