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Change the Culture, not the Climate

The following is adapted from a presentation given by Theo Kitchener, founder of grassroots group, Doing It Ourselves, at the 2014 Climate Action Summit in Brisbane, Australia, on 21stSeptember, 2014.

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Top 10: Community-Building Cheat Sheet

You’d be hard pushed to find anyone who claims they don’t want to be part of a thriving community. So why don’t most of us live in well-connected communities these days? Is community a relic of a bygone era, or is it possible for us all to rekindle that connection?

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Cultural Evolution in a World of Moral Tribes

Many sustainability writers and activists believe that we need a mythopoetic vision – a new story to replace the old – in order to heal and transcend the ruins of industrial civilization. This emerging story relies on an idealistic vision of the convergence of universal human values – the expectation that it is our job as activists to change people at their core to adopt peaceful, eco-conscious and ‘awakened’ values.

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Atamai Ecovillage: It’s Just Common-Sense

A newly formed Permaculture Village in New Zealand is providing families a different way of living. At the top of the South Island, which boasts a temperate, Mediterranean climate with the most sunshine of any part of New Zealand, Atamai Village is nestled in a picturesque, hilly valley just ten minutes’ drive from the Tasman Straight and the town of Motueka. But what makes Atamai different is its vision for a different future. “Atamai” means common sense in Maori. The village was formed as an intentional response to pending climate change and energy descent.

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