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An open letter to the human inhabitants of 2084

Seventy years down the track I imagine you might be pretty pissed off with us. Especially since historical records will show that we were well aware that the party we were having on fossils fuels was destroying the planet upon which you are now trying to have a good life. The question “what were they thinking?” must be on your mind, just as it is on our minds as we look back at many of the actions of our ancestors.

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The Population Taboo

By the time you finish reading this article there will be an extra 1,200 human beings on the planet. If that doesn’t seem too bad, let’s extrapolate. This time tomorrow there will an extra 200,000 people on earth, and this time next year there will be an extra 73 million of us – yes, that’s correct, 73 million extra humans, out there, all over the bloody place: eating, shitting and competing against each other to get ahead in the madness of the human race.

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Spirituality for Atheists

A Spiritual Experience may hit us when: we look up at a night sky full of stars; or when we feel a deep emotional response to a piece of music; or when we experience the joy of love and connection with another human being. These are all real and deeply personal. Even simply contemplating the mystery of consciousness can be a moving and profound human experience – no assistance from the drug industry required! No need either for the conjuring of complex supernatural entities or phenomena.

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