Reality Transurfing: Awaken in the Lucid Dream 

By Anneke Vo

A few of the really big questions in life are: does everything depend on perspective? How big an effect do our thoughts have in changing the world? Can fear be overcome by transforming thought itself?

The internationally best-selling series Reality Transurfing explores those questions and more, presenting a fascinating theoretical model of reality and a vision for inner freedom. Written and pioneered by Vadim Zeland, Reality Transurfing spans five volumes: The Space of Variants, A Rustle of Morning Stars, Forward to the Past, Ruling Reality and Apples Fall into the Sky. By invoking an original synthesis of esoteric science, philosophical teachings and metaphorical insights from modern physics, the work coaches readers to navigate and make sense of an imperceptible and challenging universe of cause-effect relationships – both within politics and everyday life.

In Zeland’s cosmology model, reality exists as a dual mirror, with one side representing the objective, measurable universe, and the reverse side representing the ‘space of variants’—a responsive, theoretical multiverse of unmanifest, mathematical probabilities and parallel realities. There are similarities between Zeland’s transurfing model and J. A. Wheeler’s participatory universe; both theories imply that consciousness is responsible for rebirthing unlived dreams and co-creating the empirical world as we know it – if only we were brave enough to peer deeper into Schrödinger’s void to reclaim it. Likewise, the invested values, beliefs and intentions, which we allow to rule our consciousness, act like energetic mirrors for the quality of relationships we typically attract.

According to Zeland, the primary motivation behind every organism’s evolutionary survival is to materialise its own decisive agenda. From the birth of civilisation to the growth of empires, humanity has derived its own mass hypnosis through the creation of “pendulums”—defined as self-organising “energy-information structures”, which superimpose the intention and ideology of a group in concentrated directions. Unable to reimagine reality beyond the mirror’s identified projections, we blindly succumb to power games and defense mechanisms, which attempt to manipulate the existing reality under our control. In order to lighten the grip of a ruling pendulum, one is urged to adopt a path of least resistance and manifest new unenslaved possibilities, aligned with transurfing principles, such as non-attachment, intentionality and self-determination.

Unlike most popular new age tropes on the law of attraction, Reality Transurfing blends some ideas from eastern religions with sophisticated logic that conveys a sense of the complexity within our intra-dimensional, participatory matrix. Some sections in the English translation could have been worded differently to avoid coming across as victim-blaming, though Zeland’s enthusiasm genuinely provokes the reader to examine whether their actions and beliefs are aligned with their highest priorities. If our three dimensional world casts a two dimensional shadow, and we struggle to imagine the space of variants whose shadow we are, how can the true nature of the self be realised?

These books left me with more lingering questions than I started with, but hopefully stronger determination to confront negative self-fulfilling prophecies, and rethink the power of my own creative agency.


Reality Transurfing can be found in most online bookstores.

The first three volumes are only available in ebook, audiobook format or secondhand. 


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