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Atamai Ecovillage: It’s Just Common-Sense

A newly formed Permaculture Village in New Zealand is providing families a different way of living. At the top of the South Island, which boasts a temperate, Mediterranean climate with the most sunshine of any part of New Zealand, Atamai Village is nestled in a picturesque, hilly valley just ten minutes’ drive from the Tasman Straight and the town of Motueka. But what makes Atamai different is its vision for a different future. “Atamai” means common sense in Maori. The village was formed as an intentional response to pending climate change and energy descent.

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Day in the life of a downshifter – Issue 7

Try not to worry about what other people are doing, or what they think about what you’re doing. Our capitalist consumer culture does a great job of training citizens to self-govern, so a critical skill for the downshifter is being able to tune out the naysayers who will try to tell you you’re crazy for leaving your high-paying career or eschew consumerism to pursue an alternative lifestyle.

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The Personal is Political

Safely isolated from our public political personas, our personal lives are sacred territory. We strive to convince ourselves that our personal choices are not politically relevant; that if we talk the right talk it’s as good as walking it, that our unconscious habits don’t snitch on our real values. But actions speak louder than words, and the personal is political.

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